1. Superbyte 2014 mini blog.

    I’m currently running a bath.

    I’ve been busy you see, everything has been busy lately. Most of the busy-ness is my own fault. Lets rewind.

    We don’t have to go far back. Pause it. Thats me on the train back from Manchester. Let it go on a bit more. That’s me at Superbyte Festival opening the first day. That was fun. Really fun.

    So what, my guitar did its “you knocked the switch off” on the first track, mehh. I had a total blast. An honour. And so many other great acts. The Virus Empire followed me, he’s dead good. Demoscene Time Machine, Mega Ran, Bitshifter, Dubmood.. not to mention the lovely people who were just around.

    I’ll be honest, like, really honest. I love the idea of gigs and festivals, I’m just not very good at them. I see people just connect around me but feel out of the loop slightly. This is a jab at me. But Superbyte felt special. It felt the right size. It felt like a community had come together. Yeah I had to hide for some time. But I loved playing, I loved seeing my friends play, I love see people enjoy the same things I enjoy, and find new things to enjoy.

    It was also inspiring from the point of view that I really do need to work on music. 

    My bath is ready. I just did my first run since I did the Cardiff 10k the weekend prior to Superbyte (51:40 for those of you not asking) and my legs are all : “yo, why you running fool?” But hey.

    So if you managed to see me at Superbyte: Thank you.
    If you didn’t but went to Superbyte anyway: Thank you.
    If you played Superbyte: Thank you.
    If you were in the crew or helped organise Superbyte: Thank you.

  2. hawxkeye:

    fifty favorite fictional characters
    ↳ 2. Tobias Fünke (Arrested Development)

    Are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over? An analyst and a therapist. The world’s first analrapist.’

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  3. bagofdelights:

    Classic childhood books from yesteryear

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  4. Here is a video I shot of the GCO Retro Tech Exhibition, Caerphilly.

    Music: Alone

  5. Check what went down at Get Pixelated!
    Thanks to Joe Marvelly for filming/editing

  6. kashmirandlace:

    what kind of duck are you

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  7. My Life In The Things I’ve Sold by Alone
    Visuals made with Tumblr and After Effects for the Get Pixelated chipmusic minifest. 


  8. Holding Pattern

    We are doing long lazy circles above the country I call home. The plane rocks to my right every so often to begin a new arc and the holding pattern retains its grip.

    The man chews beside me. Glancing out the window every time the angle shifts to reveal more or less of the sky.

    I see no evidence of a storm. Everything is bright up here and I note the patterns the clouds make on the coastline below.

    I’ve seen this sky before. Another turn. My ears tell me we’ve descended slightly. But only slightly. A sinking feeling below and then the wing resumes it’s lazy arc. Holding pattern. Bright sun streams in as we rotate. Holding pattern.

    The man still chews, twitching and glancing left and right, I glance too and see the typical patchwork of the countries farmland. We are heading out to sea once again. Holding pattern. It is a depressing lazy dance we trace across the sky. Arcing again. Closer this time. I’ve seen this sky before. A glance. He chews. Leans over me slightly to get a better view of his destination.
    Holding. Holding pattern. Chewing. Hushed snippets of foreign conversation spill out to his partner.

    Children are unhappy. The plane keeps spinning. The light finally clicks. Descend!

    We as humans make exciting things like air travel, flight! So very dull. So monotonous. We make patterns.


  9. mikebithell:

    Hey, average gamer:

    • Do you bloody love videogames, maybe even if you’re a bit too old and the washing up pile is massive but if you can just complete that next mission then it’ll all be ok, ish..?
    • Do you read / watch / listen to a bunch of stuff about your chosen hobby, sometimes agreeing,…

  10. The Hype Machine

    It was Christmas 1994 and my 9 year old self was fizzing with excitement. Our first family PC was only moments away. Yet from this machine I wanted only one game, and one game only: Rise of the Robots.

    A game I had until then never played. Yet it had been seared into me, this game was everywhere. School friends parroted adverts and preview articles like gospel. The Hype spread. I’d become indoctrinated. The leering blue humanoid that glared out from the adverts beckoning me. The fact that I did not know what kind of game it was barely registered.

    Settling down and booting up the game I grew a sinking feeling. The Hype burst. Rise of the Robots was an awful game. It set a new standard of low. It barely ran on the new PC, and when it did, there was no reason to look beyond its CGI rendered pastiche of Hollywood automations for what masked itself as gameplay.

    Twenty years later the same cycles of excitement spin around nearly every indie to triple-A title, unrelenting, promising so much. For every disappointment as a title fails to live up to its expectation, a new one steps boldly with new promises. A new game, The Waiting Game has taken over. As everything accelerates, it easy to see the marketing pattern, The Hype, the build before each major title is unleashed. As it crashes onto the shelves like waves on sand, The Waiting Game starts again for the next title like the tides turning.

    In 2014 games are bigger, brighter and in nearly every case better than Rise of the Robots, yet to enjoy them for what they are, step back and remember: The Hype will always burst. Let the wave crash, draw back, see what remains in the sand.